"Zombie Houses", which originated from Hurricane Sandy Blight Sheepshead Bay

Sheepshead Bay has been attacked by zombies. But the lust for the brain is not the problem – it's mold, wild cats, drifters, and property values.

The accommodations are located on Lake Ave 4, 5 and 14a. Brooklyn – a low-rise area known as the Judicial District – has remained empty since Hurricane Sandy hit the neighborhood in 2012.

"I've noticed needles in the garden and in the houses along with makeshift beds," said Missy Haggerty, a third-generation resident of Lake Avenue, to Brooklyn Paper.

Personal items such as family pictures, baby clothes, and moldy stuffed animals can be seen in the previous rental properties, which are adjacent to a large number of hypodermic needles left by squatters. The neighbors told the sales outlet that they were afraid to open their windows because of the black mold spores.

For almost eight years, the city has been trying to contact the owner of the property, a man named Zalman Weber. Now Sheepshead Bay City Councilman Chaim Deutsch has announced that he has abandoned the hunt for the mystery owner and will work with the Department of Housing Preservation and Development to seal the houses and his community's zombie problem before the end of the month to fix.

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