Phoebe Robinson can finally afford NYC Pad

Phoebe Robinson of the HBO series "2 Dope Queens" with co-host Jessica Williams had already signed an agreement with ABC Studios in May and told us Monday that after years of real estate crisis, she finally saved enough to buy an apartment ,

"I was in New York for. , , 17 years and saved and saved, "she told us during a screening of Sundance favorite" The Farewell "at Metrograph on the Lower East Side.

She remembered that not so long ago: "Ramen noodles were a big part of my life. , , especially when standing. I made a pizza for $ 1 apiece. My last apartment was terribly broke. , , I moved there because I just broke up with my ex-boyfriend. So the apartment had this sad energy and I wanted to start my life in 2015 again. Now I think I have a warmer presence to say hello to my neighbor. "

But: "2013, 2014 was my trickiest point when I had to go to an apartment court. I was so close to being driven out – it was real. I just thought, "Do I have to go back to Cleveland with my parents?" , , I had eviction notices on my door that anyone could see. "

These days, "the best part is to have your own place, to go around naked anyway" and "to meet my neighbors. , , I've never done that because I lived in a dump that I could barely afford. "

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